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1823 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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£865 16S 4D

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[Number of enslaved people] 66(Tot) 36(F) 30(M)  
[Name] Fournier's Estate  

Return of Edward Holmes, assignee. This entry includes remarks on family relationships between enslaved including fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and a nephew. St. George.

T71/338 117-118
[Number of enslaved people] 73(Tot) 38(F) 35(M)  
[Name] Fournier's  

Returned by Edward Holmes, assignee of the Misses Fournier's, joint owners. St George.

T71/349 107
[Number of enslaved people] 99(Tot) 57(F) 42(M)  
[Name] Durham Estate  

Return of Thomas Bell, owner; 73 enslaved people (35 male and 38 female) were 'received by Bell 'in marriage with Alex.de Fournier.' 9 enslaved people were 'bequeathed by Madm. Courtors, 6 people were 'transferred from Alexandrine Fournier' and 11 people were 'transferred. from Clara Fournier'; Alexandrine and Clara's entries are found on folios 67 and 68. Both are registered by Thomas Bell. He is noted as the husband of Alexandrine. Clara's entry shows that she is deceased and that Alexandrine had inherited the 11 enslaved people listed. St. George.

T71/358 65 - 66
[Number of enslaved people] 98(Tot) 54(F) 44(M)  
[Name] Durham  

Returned by John [=Thomas?] Bell, owner. St. George.

T71/359 61
[Number of enslaved people] 100(Tot) 52(F) 48(M)  

Returned by Thomas Bell, owner; notes that the enslaved had been registered on the Durham Estate in 1826; includes a full return of the enslaved. St. George.

T71/361 87-90
[Number of enslaved people] 95(Tot) 49(F) 46(M)  
[Name] Name Not Given  

Return of Thomas Bell, owner. This entry includes the names of enslaved children's mothers. St. George.

T71/363 50