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1789 [SY] - 1794 [EY] → Previous owner
- 1789 [EY] → Owner
1817 [EA] - → Attorney
1820 [EA] - → Attorney
1823 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Attorney
1829 [EA] - → Attorney

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£4,195 6S 10D

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[Number of enslaved people] 350(Tot)  
[Name] Simon  
[Size] 466  

TO be sold by Publick Sale; at Garraway's Coffee-House in Exchange-Alley, London, on the 18th Day of February, 1773, by Order of the Trustees, pursuant to the Will of John Bourryau, Esq; deceased: A Plantation called Simon, situated oh the River Simon in the Quarter of Marquis in the Ifland of Grenada, containing 466 Acres of cleared Land, whereof about 360 are in Canes, the Remainder in Pasture and Provisions, together with 350 seasoned Negroes; among which are many Creoles and several Tradesmen, 60 Mules and above 40 Head of Horses, Cattle, &c. and a complete Set of Works, consisting of a Water-Mill, Boiling-Houfe, Curing House, Still-House, and all other buildings necessary for earning on a Sugar Plantation, together with an excellent Dwelling-House. The Buildings are partly new within these few Years, the whole in compleat Repair. Also an Estate in the Mountains, two Miles distant from the above, containing Eighty Acres of Land, very proper for Provisions, and now full of hard Timber. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Sill, at Mr. Luard's, Copthall-Court, Throgmorton-Street, or at Mr. Palmer's, Philpot-Lane.

London Gazette 11223 15/02/1772, p.3; London Gazette 11326 09/02/1773, p. 2.
[Name] Simon  

In 1789 the Simon estate had been valued at £72,194 sterling, and in 1793 it was offered for sale at £72,000 (with the next or ensuing crop) or £65,000 (without the next or ensuing crop).

London Gazette 13597 26/11/1793 p.1066
[Number of enslaved people] 123(Tot)  
[Name] Simon Estate  

In lawful possession of Bridgeman Hewitson, attorney or agent. No owner's name given.

T71/267 100-103
[Number of enslaved people] 128(Tot) 65(F) 63(M)  
[Name] Simon Estate  

Belonging to or in the lawful possession of John Ross, position not recorded.

T71/274 259-260
[Number of enslaved people] 140(Tot) 77(F) 63(M)  
[Name] Simon Estate  

Belonging to or in the lawful possession of B Hewitson, Attorney.

T71/285 176-177
[Number of enslaved people] 146(Tot) 83(F) 63(M)  
[Name] Simon Estate  

In the lawful possession of B. Hewitson as attorney.

T71/299 162-163
[Number of enslaved people] 149(Tot) 84(F) 65(M)  
[Name] Simon Estate  

Belonging to or in the lawful possession of John Stokes as Attorney.

T71/311 312-313
[Number of enslaved people] 142(Tot) 77(F) 65(M)  
[Name] Simon Estate  

In the lawful possession of John Stokes as attorney for the proprietors.

T71/317 296-297