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1826 [EA] - 1829 [LA] → Owner

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[Number of enslaved people] 113(Tot) 54(F) 59(M)  
[Name] Buckingham Estate  

Return of John Francis Bermingham, owner. This entry includes the names of enslaved children's mothers. St. Mark.

T71/346 574-577
[Number of enslaved people] 112(Tot) 56(F) 56(M)  
[Name] Buckingham  

Returned by J F Bermingham, owner. St. Patrick.

T71/355 341 - 342
[Number of enslaved people] 123(Tot) 59(F) 64(M)  
[Name] Buckingham Estate  

Return of J F Bermingham, deceased owner; returned by Silvestre Lacerue [Lacorne] as administrator . St. Patrick.

T71/358 253
[Name] Name Not Given  

Returned by Sylvestre Lacorne, owner; shows that Lacorne inherited 38 enslaved people from Jn. Frs. Bermingham and who had been registered on Buckingham Estate; he also purchased 4 other people. Lacorne then sold the 38 people he had inherited to Charles Court; he also sold three other people: 1 to James P Lockhart and 2 to C A Jolly for the Babbilard Estate. The entry is not registered by Lacorne's name with Buckingham Estate only being referenced within the entry. St. David.

[Number of enslaved people] 57(Tot) 29(F) 28(M)  
[Name] Buckingham Estate  

Returned by Widow T Jolly, owner. Includes a full return of the enslaved. Shows that 37 enslaved people were 'inherited from the late Jno. F. Bermingham with the estate'; 12 people were 'purchased from J F R Rolle one of the heirs of J F Bermingham'; 4 people were purchased from W H Redman; and one person was 'removed from Widow T. Jolly's estate in the parish of St. Paul'. The return was made in 1828. St. Patrick.

T71/360 267 - 268
[Number of enslaved people] 38(Tot)  
[Name] Name Not Given  

Returned by Charles Court, owner; bought 38 enslaved people, who had been attached to Buckingham Estate, from Sylvestre Lacorne and sold them on: 9 people to Widow Toust. Jolly; 16 to Jolly Cochrane; 7 to William Henry Redman; and 6 to Remie Rolle. St. Patrick.

T71/360 217
[Number of enslaved people] 63(Tot) 33(F) 30(M)  
[Name] Buckingham  

Returned by Widow Toussaint Jolly, owner; 9 enslaved people were transferred to Widow Toussaint Jolly's at St. Paul's'; 46 enslaved people were 'sold to John Laidlaw for Castle Bruce'; 1 person was sold to Louis Gonzal in Nov. 1826, and one person was given as a 'gift to Jolly Cochrane on Hope Estate'. St. Patrick.

T71/362 524 - 526