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1817 [EA] - 1817 [LA] → Other

Jonathan Morgan of St Vincent was the purchaser of 95 enslaved people on Cassada Garden on Dominica, whom he then shipped to St Vincent in 1817.

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[Number of enslaved people] 95(Tot) 55(F) 40(M)  
[Name] Cassada Garden  

Returned by Charles Court, attorney of an unnamed owner; 95 enslaved people were sold 'to Jonathan Morgan Esq. of St. Vincent [and] by him removed to that island in the Schooner Delta in July 1817. The entry of Adell Considine, returned by M Boland as trustee on folio 198, states that 5 enslaved people who had been registered in St. George in 1817 were now on Cassada Garden Estate. St. Joseph.

T71/351 193 - 195
[Number of enslaved people] 95(Tot) 55(F) 40(M)  
[Name] Cassada Garden Estate  

Return of Richard Horton [sp?], owner; returned by John Brialland, registering capacity not given. St. Joseph.

T71/340 262-264
[Number of enslaved people] 43(Tot) 18(F) 25(M)  
[Name] Name Not Given  

Returned by Michael Boland, owner; notes the 1817 return had been registered in the parish of St George; 22 enslaved people were 'inherited from the late John L. Tavernier deceased in the Parish of St Patrick on Morne Bijou Estate'; 14 enslaved people were purchased from various owners. St. Joseph.

T71/351 190 - 191
[Number of enslaved people] 44(Tot) 18(F) 26(M)  
[Name] Cassada Garden Estate  

Return of Michael Boland, owner; the entry is recorded by the owner's surname with the enslaved said to have been 'lately attached' to the estate; 36 enslaved people were removed to Mount Vernon Estate in the parish of St Joseph. St. Joseph.

T71/358 147 -149