Cow Bay Pen

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1783 [EA] - 1783 [LA] → Joint owner

Shown as owner with his wife Hannah Elizabeth.


On the western side of the mouth of the Yallahs River.


B. W. Higman, Jamaica Surveyed (Mona, Jamaica, 2001) pp. 214-215.

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[Name] Cow Bay Pen  
[Crop] Livestock  

The properties of Henry Shirley of the Kingdom of Great Britain Esq. and Hannah Elizabeth, wife were listed together as Petersfield, Cow Bay Pen, Port Royal, Chester Vale, Spring Garden. Account filed by John Badger of Spring Garden plantation, gentleman. Produce shipeed and sold by Peter Robertson as the lawful attorney.

Accounts Produce, Jamaica Archives 1B/11/4/11 84
[Name] Cow Bay Pen  
[Size] 600  
[Crop] Cattle, corn, cotton  

"In 1789 Cow Bay covered 600 acres, with 295 acres in woodland and waste. The 304 acres of cleared land were divided into 22 units, all of them fenced except Bernard's piece which was still being cleared. Guinea grass covered 95 acres, common 58 acres, 'pasture' 45 acres, corn 56 acres and cotton 12 acres.

B. W. Higman, Jamaica Surveyed (Mona, Jamaica, 2001) pp. 214-215