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- 1752 [EY] → Owner

The estate according to Ashton Warner's will made in 1750 and proved in 1752 comprised 110 acres through his wife's inheritance, 100 acres purchased from Samuel Byam, and the lands called Hunts, then in dispute between Ashton Warner and Edward Otto Baijer.

1779 [SY] - 1786 [EY] → Tenant-for-life

Inherited under the entail on the death of his brother Thomas in 1779; in turn he settled the estate on his son William Warner in 1786

1786 [SY] - → Tenant-for-life

The estate was settled on William Warner in 1786. It has not yet been traced beyond this date.


This estate was specified by Ashton Warner Attorney-General of the Leewards in his will, when he entailed it in favour office eldest son Thomas and his heirs able. After Thomas died without issue in 1779, the estate passed to the next son, Joseph Warner (1717-1801). The estate has not yet been traced beyond 1786, when it was settled on Joseph Warner's son William.