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31/01/1772 [SD] - → Mortgage Holder

Mortgaged by John Hunt to William Snell for £7000 at 8% p.a.

28/06/1775 [SD] - → Mortgagee-in-Possession

The estate passed into the hands of William Snell as mortgagee 28th June 1775

23/05/1776 [SD] - → Other

Robert Wynne purchased the equity of redemption in Bagatelle for £2100 currency 23/05/1776 and sold it in 1777 to John Bradshaw for £1750 sterling

1777 [SY] - → Other

John Bradshaw bought the equity of redemption for £1750 sterling in 1777.

1779 [EA] - 1784 [LA] → Other

Thomas Bradshaw inherited the equity of redemption in Bagatelle c. 1779 and sold it in 1784 to William Collins

1784 [EA] - → Other

William Collins bought the equity of redemption in Bagatelle for £630 sterling from Thomas Bradshaw in 1784.


This estate has not yet been traced in the Slave Registers or the compensation records. It appears in the 1785 Deed Book for St Vincent, which traces its ownership by John Hunt, who lost control of the estate to his mortgagee William Snell 28/06/1775, and the sequential purchasing of the equity of redemption in the estate, first by Robert Wynne, then by John Bradshaw and finally by William Collins from Bradshaw's heir Thomas Bradshaw.


Endangered Archives Project EAP 688 1785 Deed Book pp. 251-271.

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[Number of enslaved people] 117(Tot) 48(F) 44(M)  
[Name] Bagatelle  
[Size] 249  

By indentures of 29th and 30th January 1784, Thomas Bradshaw the eldest son and heir of John Bradshaw of the City of London sold for £630 to William Collins the equity of redemption in the Bagatelle estate in St Andrew of 249 acres with 36 named enslaved males, 45 named enslaved females (including children designated to some half a dozen of the women), 8 named enslaved boys, 3 named enslaved girls and 25 named enslaved children (and further 8 enslaved people owned by Thomas Bradshaw but not on Bagatelle). The indentures recited the recent history of the estate, with John Hunt mortgaging it to William Snell for £7000 31/01/1772; Snell foreclosing and taking possession 28/06/1775; and the equity of redemption being purchased by Richard Wynne 23/05/1776 for £2100 currency; byJohn Bradshaw in 1777 for £1750 sterling; and by William Collins in 1784.

EAP 688 1785 Deed Book pp. 251-271