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1776 [EA] - 1776 [LA] → Owner
1776 [EA] - 1776 [LA] → Mortgage Holder


Apparently later merged into Petit Bordel (q.v.).

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Under a deed of 15/10/1776 George Payne Sharpe and his wife Paulina mortgaged to Nathaniel Smith of Bloomsbury for £6000 three lots of land in St David on St Vincent, one identified as having previously belonged to Moquet (and formerly known as Chateau Belleair), one to Godin and one to Edward Estridge Sharpe, and 100 named enslaved people. The three lots of land correspond precisely to Lots Nos. 20 and 17 leased to French settlers and less exactly (because the acreage is given as 30 as opposed to 42) to Lot No. 18 sold to Sharpe, which are given in Shephard's Historical Account, drawing on John Byres 1776 map, as three of the component pieces of what became Sharpe's estate. This estate might be the estate shown in the Slave Registers under Petit Bordel and Sharpe's (q.v.).

Deed Book 1776-1777, British Library, EAP688/1/1/27, pp. 172 et seq.