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1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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£1,006 0S 5D

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[Number of enslaved people] 30(Tot) 18(F) 12(M)  
[Name] Neals  

Return of William Liburd, owner

T71/364 93
[Number of enslaved people] 41(Tot)  
[Name] Neals  

Return of William Liburd, owner

T71/365 140-141
[Number of enslaved people] 45(Tot)  
[Name] Neales  

Return of William Liburd, owner

T71/366 142-143
[Number of enslaved people] 46(Tot)  

William Liburd, owner

T 71/367 97-98
[Number of enslaved people] 49(Tot) 31(F) 18(M)  
[Name] Neales  

Return of William Liburd , owner

T71/368 137-138
[Number of enslaved people] 58(Tot)  
[Name] Neales  

Return of William Liburd, owner; two enslaved people on the list were acquired by "division of joint property of Wm Hendrickson under the will of Wm Hendrickson deceased"; and three enslaved people had been acquired "since the last triennial return and the death of Thomas Liburd deceased, my uncle, as the proportion of slaves to which I consider myself entitled, of the slaves which belonged to my grandfather Wm Liburd many years since deceased or which are the issue of slaves who belonged to my said grandfather."

T71/369 161