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1766 [SY] - 1807 [EY] → Owner

'Brebner' was the original purchaser of Lot No. 132 on St Vincent (177 acres) which together with Lots Nos. 100 and 101 (28 and 81 acres), originally leased to French settlers, came to form Fairhall, owned at the time of the Slave Registers by James Brebner Gordon's son James Gordon.

1807 [EA] - 1822 [LA] → Owner

Shown as owner in the Slave Registers1817-1822, but under his father's will in fact tenant-for-life.

1825 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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£6,438 13S 7D

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[Name] Fairhall  
[Size] 375  

'Fairhall and Brebner Estates....Brebner estate contained 289 acres. Mr James [Brebner] Gordon purchased in 1790 the adjoining 86 acres, called Fairhall, late Taylors; and in 1793 another parcel of 45 acres.'

Vere Langford Oliver, History of Antigua Vol. II p. 27 [sourced to John Johnson's 1824 report].
[Number of enslaved people] 286(Tot)  
[Name] Brebner and Fairhall Estates  

James Gordon as owner.

T71/493 152-157
[Number of enslaved people] 252(Tot) 132(F) 120(M)  
[Name] Fairhall Estate  

James Gordon as owner.

T71/495 68-69
[Number of enslaved people] 245(Tot) 125(F) 120(M)  
[Name] Fairhall Estate  

James Adam Gordon, son and heir of James Gordon, deceased, by Richard Robertson, his attorney.

T71/497 47-48
[Number of enslaved people] 246(Tot) 124(F) 122(M)  
[Name] Brebner and Fairhall Estates  

James Adam Gordon.

T71/497 61-62
[Number of enslaved people] 237(Tot) 116(F) 121(M)  
[Name] Brebner and Fairhall Estates  

Brebner and Fairhall Estates. Statement sworn by Joseph Featherstone.

T71/499 64-65
[Number of enslaved people] 246(Tot) 119(F) 127(M)  
[Name] Fairhall Estate  

Fairhall Estates. The property of James A Gordon. Statement sworn by Thomas Fairbairn [1 enslaved person declared as having obtained freedom under the third section of the Slavery Abolition Act, having been in England]. Register taken on 1st May. Total on 1st August 1834 was 247 enslaved people.

T71/500 99-102