Milton Estate

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£2,770 6S 7D

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[Number of enslaved people] 14(Tot)  
[Name] Milton  
[Crop] Sugar  

George Hill, for himself, owner and Hamilton Veitch, owner and manager [increase by a, i and p].

T 71/508 313 v - 314
[Number of enslaved people] 12(Tot)  
[Name] Milton  
[Crop] Sugar  

Hamilton Veitch, for himself and George Hill, owners [increase by birth and 2 purchases].

T 71/511 408
[Number of enslaved people] 13(Tot)  
[Name] Milton  
[Crop] Sugar  

Hamilton Veitch, manager, for the creditors of Hamilton Veitch, late the property of himself and George Hill [increase by birth and 2 purchases].

T 71/513 269 v
[Number of enslaved people] 67(Tot)  
[Name] Milton  
[Crop] Sugar  

Return of Henry Howell King manager, owned by Messrs Macqueen Mackay, late the property of the creditors of H. Veitch

T71/515 2046-2048
[Number of enslaved people] 56(Tot)  
[Name] Milton  
[Crop] Sugar  

Henry Stewart, manager, for Messrs Macqueen Macdonald & Co, late the property of Messrs Macqueen McKay & Co of Glasgow [increase by births].

T 71/517 214 v - 215
[Number of enslaved people] 55(Tot)  
[Name] Milton  
[Crop] Sugar  

William Taylor, manager, for James Macqueen and Alexander Macdonnell, owners [increase by births].

T 71/519 254 v - 255