Donovans [formerly Vaughans]

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- 1762 [EY] → Owner
1785 [SY] - 1811 [EY] → Owner
1812 [SY] - 1816 [EY] → Tenant-for-life
- 1785 [EY] → Owner

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£2,474 16S 10D

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[Name] Vaughan's [subsequently Donovans]  

An indenture of 24/03/1798 [Close Roll, 38 Geo III. Part 2 No. 12] rehearsed an earlier indenture of 25/10/1785 between Rowland Otto Baijer, and James Donovan whereby in exchange for Vaughan's estate Donovan paid £6000 to Rowland Otto Baijer and £8000 to Baijer's sisters Frances Otto Baijer and Katharine Edwards (wife of Zachary Baily Edwards) with interest at 6%, which had been paid off, and a further £4000 to be paid to William Wickham Harman (presumably to settle prior indebtedness secured on the estate: Rowland Otto Baijer subsequently had James Donovan arrested for the non-payment of the £4000 to Harman). Oliver identifies the estate formerly known as Vaughans as 'now called Donovans' (History of Antigua Vol I p. 208).

Vere Langford Oliver History of AntiguaVol I pp. 27-28
[Number of enslaved people] 162(Tot)  
[Name] None given  

The Hon. Samuel Warner receiver under the Court of Chancery for trust estate of James Hancock Donovan. Inferred to be Donovans.

T71/244 298-302
[Number of enslaved people] 161(Tot)  
[Name] None given  

The Hon. Samuel Warner receiver under the Hon. court of Chancery of the estate of James Hancock Donovan infant. Inferred to be Donovans.

T71/246 347-351
[Number of enslaved people] 159(Tot)  
[Name] Donovans  

Samuel Warner receiver under the court of Chancery of the trust estate of James Donovan called Donovans.

T71/248 806-809
[Number of enslaved people] 154(Tot)  
[Name] None given  

Samuel Warner Receiver under the Court of Chancery for the trust estate of James Donovan.

T71/249 203-206
[Number of enslaved people] 159(Tot)  
[Name] None given  

William Boyd trustee for the estate of James Donovan decd. Previously registered by Sam. Warner the then Receiver.

T71/250 186-189