Burnt House

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- 1823 [LA] → Owner
- 1823 [LA] → Owner
1823 [EA] - 1823 [LA] → Manager
1823 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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£2,837 3S 4D


In the possession of the Dottin family from 1674-1745.


Barbados Department of Archives. Hughes-Queree Index of Plantations.

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In the Will of the Hon. James Dottin the Hon. Thomas Applewaithe & Sir L. Husbands appointed as trustees for Burnt House on behalf of testator’s daughter, Mercy, wife of Hon. John Maycock. Maycock, owner of Husbands in St. Lucy and Mount Brevitor in St. Peter was in serious financial difficulties. “This is probably why Dottin made this unusual bequest. A bequest to Mercy Maycock, neé Dottin, would have enabled Maycock’s creditors to lay hands on Burnt House."

Barbados Department of Archives. Hughes-Queree Index of Plantations.

In 1779 a Chancery Court conveyance to Stephen Blackett of Burnt House, the property of Dottin Maycock. 1762 James Maycock, now deceased and his wife Catherine Maycock, neé Harrison, then of Coven Garden, Middlesex, England, became indebted to James Adams of England for £1925 sterling, recurred by mortgage on Burnt House. 1769 Dottin Maycock became heir of James Maycock by the latter’s will of 1769. 1777 James Adams brought Chancery Court action – 190 acres and 38 enslaved people: purchase price £6000 currency. Hon. James Dottin by his will (1745) freed a mulatto slave woman, Selina and a slave boy, James and had ordered that Selina be paid £30 per year and James £10 per year. Selina now named Selina Dorne and James, called Jimmy. Dottin Maycock was then legally constituted attorney. These bequests are now £120 and £90 in arrears respectively. Dottin Maycock then received payment of these amounts on their behalf from the Chancery sale of Burnt House.

Barbados Department of Archives. Hughes-Queree Index of Plantations.
[Number of enslaved people] 112(Tot) 59(F) 53(M)  
[Name] Burnt House  

Return of Joseph William Jordan, Attorney, the property of Joseph Jordan.

T71/522 319-22
[Number of enslaved people] 114(Tot)  

Return of Joseph Mayers, Manager, the property of the estate of Joseph Jordan, deceased, who had no legal representative. 112 enslaved, previously 109 enslaved. The return which followed for the estate of Gibbes Walker Jordan (also from Mayers) listed the enslaved who were inherited by the death of Joseph Jordan: a total of 112 (112 enslaved + 6 births less 6 deaths); this was then followed by the return by Mayers for Joseph William Jordan, "who has no Attorney but to whom he [Mayers] is Manager". This listed 112 enslaved bequeathed by the death of Joseph Jordan together with 2 births.

T71/530 436; 436-41; 441-45
[Number of enslaved people] 124(Tot)  
[Name] Burnt House  

Return of Joseph William Jordan, his own property. Previously 114.

T71/537 215-16
[Number of enslaved people] 129(Tot)  

Return of Jos. Wm. Jordan, his own property.

T71/543 334-5
[Number of enslaved people] 139(Tot)  

Return by J. W. Jordan of his own property.

T71/550 332
[Name] Burnt House  
[Size] 166  

Listed in St Andrew, property of Pedder.

Barbados 1913 list from the Hughes-Quere indexes transcribed at https://creolelinks.com/1913-barbados-plantation-owners-names.html.