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1765 [SY] - 1772 [LA] → Owner

Sir Alexander Grant, 5th Bt. purchased Crawle in 1765. The property consisted of 662 acres and 191 enslaved people were recorded as working there. The price was valued at £7,714, the price was commuted to English pounds sterling from Jamaica island currency. David Hancock culled this information from the Deed Books, Old Series, Vols. 146-256 passim at the Island Record Office in Spanishtown, Jamaica.

At present, LBS shows Sir Alexander Grant as owner of Crawle in St Thomas-in-the-Vale; a St Catherine estate of that name has not been identified in the Accounts Produce, although a Crawle Pen has been.


NB At present Crawle in St Thomas-in-the-Vale has been recorded by LBS under Sir Alexander Grant 1766-1771.

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[Number of enslaved people] 191(Tot)  
[Size] 662  
David Hancock, Citizens of the world: London merchants and the integration of the British Atlantic community, 1735-1785, (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1995), p.410.