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The dates listed below have different categories as denoted by the letters in the brackets following each date. Here is a key to explain those letter codes:

  • SD - Association Start Date
  • SY - Association Start Year
  • EA - Earliest Known Association
  • ED - Association End Date
  • EY - Association End Year
  • LA - Latest Known Association
1771 [SY] - 1783 [LA] → Owner
1654 [SY] - 1684 [EY] → Owner
- 1706 [EY] → Owner
1706 [SY] - 1771 [EY] → Owner
1783 [EA] - 1794 [LA] → Joint owner
1783 [EA] - 1794 [LA] → Joint owner
1794 [EA] - 1824 [LA] → Owner
1794 [EA] - 1794 [LA] → Owner

Elizabeth survived her co-owner and sister Dame Sarah Holte by a few months, and inherited her sister's interest in property in Britain, and (including property in people) in Barbados.

1817 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Attorney
1826 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner
1829 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Manager

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£5,538 8S 1D


Dr Karl Watson, A Kind of Right to be Idle: Old Doll, Matriarch of Newton Plantation (Department of History UWI Cave Hill and Barbados Museum and Historical Society, 2000) relates the history of an enslaved woman and her family and their relationships with the absentee owners and local attorneys and managers of the Newton estate. The Newton estate is among the four estates (Mount Vernon in the US; Newton and Seawells in Barbados; and Prospect in Portland Jamaica,) whose labour organisation and working methods are analysed in Justin Roberts, Slavery and the Enlightenment in the British Atlantic, 1750-1807 (Cambridge: CUP, 2013).

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What is this?

[Number of enslaved people] 163(Tot) 78(F) 85(M)  

Figures from a list of whites and blacks in Christ Church, c.1758. The exact date of the list is not given; but internal evidence places it in or soon after 1758. The figures were given as 1 white, and blacks as: men: 55; women: 36; boys: 30; girls: 42. [It is not clear why only 1 white was given nor if the figure for blacks was comprehensive.]

Barbados Department of Archives. RB9/3/4
[Number of enslaved people] 265(Tot) 144(F) 121(M)  

Return of Robert Haynes, Attorney, the property of Thomas Lane.

T71/521 163-69
[Number of enslaved people] 281(Tot)  
[Name] [no name given]  

Return of Robert Haynes, Attorney, the property of Thomas Lane. Previously 278 enslaved. No estate name is given but it is clearly Newtons estate.

T71/529 722-23
[Number of enslaved people] 269(Tot)  
[Name] Newton  

Return of the Hon. Robert Haynes, Attorney, the property of Richard Lane. Previously 281 enslaved.

T71/536 114-16
[Number of enslaved people] 269(Tot)  

Return of Nathaniel Cave (Manager), the property of Richard Lane.

T71/544 116-18
[Number of enslaved people] 255(Tot)  
[Name] [No name given]  

Return of Nathaniel Cave, Manager, the property of Richard Lane. Although no estate name given in the Register, this was clearly Newtons.

T71/549 120-22
[Name] Newton  
[Size] 458  

Listed in Christ Church, property of Pemberton for Lane.

Barbados 1913 list from the Hughes-Quere indexes transcribed at