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- 1785 [LA] → Owner

It is not clear when Benjamin Bostock first acquired the Yorkshire estate.

1785 [EA] - 1793 [LA] → Owner
1793 [EA] - 1812 [LA] → Owner
1805 [EA] - 1805 [LA] → Mortgage Holder

In his will made in 1805 Dr Thomas Lashley, then in Kings Bench Prison in England, said he had a 'most just claim' secured by mortgage on the unnamed estate of the late Benjamin Bostock. LBS has tentatively inferred this was the Yorkshire estate.

1817 [EA] - 1829 [LA] → Owner
1827 [EA] - 1830 [LA] → Joint owner
1827 [EA] - 1830 [LA] → Joint owner

Initially joint owner with John Drayton; but see notes on 1829 evolution.

1829 [EA] - 1829 [LA] → Manager
1829 [EA] - 1829 [LA] → Attorney

Probably this John Briggs though he may be distinct.

1832 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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£3,054 13S 2D


The estate was also known as the Upper Gray’s plantation.

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[Number of enslaved people] 95(Tot)  
[Size] 270  

In 1811-12, Benjamin James Bostock came to Barbados to wind up the estates of his father (Benjamin Bostock, 1763-1793) and great-grandfather (also Benjamin, 1716-1785). Sold Yorkshire plantation to William Drayton for £22,000. [This William Drayton was probably a forebear of the brothers John and William Drayton who were later owners.]

Barbados Department of Archives. Hughes-Queree Index of Plantations; James C. Brandow (comp.), Genealogies of Barbados families: from Caribbeana and the Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society (Baltimore, 1983), p. 183.
[Number of enslaved people] 93(Tot) 49(F) 44(M)  
[Name] [No name given]  

Return of Samuel Drayton sen., his own property. No name given but virtually certainly the Yorkshire plantation.

T71/521 90-92
[Number of enslaved people] 137(Tot)  

Return of Samuel Drayton, his own property. NB that in the return for 1826 the parish was given as St Michael, not Christ Church. Previous return 136 enslaved.

T71/534 166
[Number of enslaved people] 140(Tot)  

Return of A. T. Matthews, Manager, the property of the estate of Samuel Drayton (deceased). Previous return showed 137 enslaved. Births: 3; purchased of Robert Butcher, 1. Bequeathed to John Drayton and William Drayton (q.v.), 140. Sold to John Clarke, 1. Net number of enslaved = 0.
The Return of John Briggs, Attorney, the property of John Drayton follows the return from Mathewes. The details of the return show:
Previous registration: 2;
'Gift of Samuel Drayton to John Drayton and William Drayton as a Joint Property but there being no division of said property the said John Drayton became the purchaser of the said Wm. Drayton's proportion of said slaves.'
That is: 134 enslaved acquired by John Drayton. In addition there were 9 births; 3 sold to Jno. Manning; 1 given to Abel Thos. Matthews and 1 sold to him.

T71/544 55-9; 59-63
[Number of enslaved people] 130(Tot)  
[Size] 297  

Samuel Drayton died in 1827. William and John Drayton, brothers and (presumably) the sons of Samuel, inherited the Yorkshire plantation. In 1830 they sold it to Bezin Reece of St. Michael for £28,000.

Barbados Department of Archives. Hughes-Queree Index of Plantations.
[Number of enslaved people] 145(Tot) 81(F) 73(M)  

Return of Bezin Reece, his own property. No previous return but the following given for the numbers of enslaved: purchased from William Drayton: 154; purchased from others: 4; births: 16; deaths: 8 (including 1 in the hurricane); sales: 1. Of the 154 purchased from Drayton, there were 81 females, 73 males.

T71/549 154-58

By his will of 1842, Bezin Reece of St. Michael bequeathed Yorkshire to his sons, who were charged with legacies to his daughter, Catherine Garrett. She married, in 1842, John Torrance Haynes who managed the estate. Bezin Reece owned Yorkshire, Christ Church and Pine, St. Michael.

Barbados Department of Archives. Hughes-Queree Index of Plantations; James C. Brandow (comp.), Genealogies of Barbados families (Baltimore, 1983), p. 497.
[Name] Yorkshire and Little Foursquare  
[Size] 363  

Listed in Christ Church, property of Arthur.

Barbados 1913 list from the Hughes-Quere indexes transcribed at https://creolelinks.com/1913-barbados-plantation-owners-names.html.