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1826 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Joint owner
1826 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Joint owner


Demerara - not yet traced in the compensation records

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[Name] Foulis  

In 1798 Foulis was shown as plantation no. 26 under the sub-heading 'De Mahaica a Demerarie', prorietaire Dr Munro, 500 carreaux [C]oton. This appears to correspond to the Foulis in Berbice know to have been owned by William Munro; however, a separate plantation Foulis in Demerara came to be owned by the Porter family who held other estates close by to the Foulis in Demerara in the 1798 list. It is conceivable that William Munro held estates of the same name in both Berbice and Demerara.

Carte Generale...Demerarie 'Liste des habitations...' [1798] University of Amsterdam Library 'Suriname 1599-1975'
[Number of enslaved people] 143(Tot) 69(F) 74(M)  
[Name] Foulis  

C. Spencer registered 143 enslaved people on Foulis in Demerara as atty of John Laing and M. Ogle

T71/397 F2 1178
[Number of enslaved people] 143(Tot) 80(F) 63(M)  
[Name] Foulis  

In lawful possession of Thomas and Henry Porter Esq., Hubert Whitlock qq.

T71/414 238-242