Good Success

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1798 [EA] - 1798 [LA] → Owner
1811 [EA] - 1817 [LA] → Joint owner
1811 [EA] - 1817 [LA] → Joint owner
1824 [EA] - 1824 [LA] → Previous owner
1826 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Joint owner

Shown as In the lawful possession of Messrs John Campbell sen. & Co.

1832 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Owner

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£9,864 19S 2D


NB it is not clear that Good Success refers consistently to the same estate, identified variously as on the east coast of Demerara (1798) and Wakenaam Island (1824).

Estate Information (6)

What is this?

[Name] Goed Succes [sic]  
[Crop] Sugar  

Goed Succes [sic], shown as plantation no. 25 under the subheading 'A la cote orientale de Demerarie', proprietaire J. Haslin, 250 carreaux, S[ugar]

NB this evolution is only tentatively linked with the Good Success estate in the Slave Registers.

Carte Generale...Demerarie 'Liste des habitations...' [1798] University of Amsterdam Library 'Suriname 1599-1975'
[Name] Good Success  

NOTICE. AT the Commissary-Court, in the month of January, 1812, are to be passed the following Transports, viz. By Colin Dunlop, Transfer of one half of Plantation Good Success, situated on Wackenaam Island, in this River, unto H. Tulloh; and by H. Tulloh and Colin Dunlop, as executors to the estate of Nicol M'Nicol, deceased, Transfer of the other half of the aforesaid Plantation Good Success, in behalf of John Appleton. Proper notice to be given of any opposition intended against the above. Secretary's Office, Essequebo, the 22d November, 1811. J. P. ROUSKOLB, First Clerk.

Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette Vol. VI No. 426 23/11/1811
[Number of enslaved people] 96(Tot) 33(F) 63(M)  
[Name] Good Success  

John Appleton registered 96 enslaved people as joint prop. with H. Tulloh.

NB the connection with Good Success in the compensation records has not yet been validated.

T71/397 G3 1747
[Name] Good Success  

In December 1824, the Good Success sugar estate on Wakenaam Island the property of the late Colin Campbell was announced to be subject to judicial sale the following year.

London Gazette 18087 04/12/1824 p. 2026
[Number of enslaved people] 103(Tot) 37(F) 66(M)  
[Name] Good Success  

In the lawful possession of Messrs John Campbell sen. & Co., by A. McRae

T71/416 1083-1086
[Number of enslaved people] 200(Tot) 93(F) 107(M)  
[Name] Success [sic]  

Belonging to Pln Success [sic] in lawful possession of William King of London [by G.W. Warren atty]. Identified as Good Success, for which William King was awarded compensation, on p. 1528.

1832 1523-1528