Murray, Brothers and Co.

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1827 →
Thomas Murray [?] 5 Rumford Street [Gore's]
1841 →
Thomas & Henry Murray 7 Rumford Street [Gore's]
1842 →
[London Gazette]
1861 →
Murrays, Loxdale [London Gazette]


NB Jones, Murray (q.v.) is a possible predecessor firm.   Gore's 1827 shows Thomas Murray merchant of 5 Rumford street; Gore's 1841 shows T & H Murray of 7 Rumford Street.

  1. Thomas Murray, Henry Murray, Matthew Steele, George Henry Loxdale and William Hick identified as partners under name style and firm of Murray, Brothers and Co., trading in Georgetown Demerary, creditors in a forced auction of coffee estates 1842.  Hick had retired or withdrawn by 1847.  
  2. Matthew Steele and George Henry Loxdale having lately traded with Thomas and Henry Murray purchased the shares and interests of and in the partnership property of the firm c. 1853.  
  3. Co-partnership for some time past carried on by Thomas Murray, Henry Murray, Matthew Steele (deceased) and George Henry Loxdale at Liverpool under the firm of Murrays Loxdale and Co., and at Demerara under the style or firm of Steele Loxdale and Company expired 31/12/1860. All debts due or payable respectively at No. 5 Rumford Street L'pool and Georgetown   

  4. Dissolution of partnership between George Henry Loxdale and Henry Murray Loxdale merchants at Liverpool under firm George H. Loxdale and co. 19/11/1878.


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