Bright, Millward and Duncomb

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Mercantile firm of Kingston, Jamaica, with partners in Bristol. Several other related partnerships appear to have been connected to the same men, including Duncomb & Savage


Jamaican accounts relating to N. Milward, Lowbridge and Richard Bright and D. Duncomb, including accounts of Duncomb, Savage & Co.; Bright, Milward & Duncomb; Bright & Duncomb; Bright & Milward; and D. Duncomb. Held with correspondence to Mr. Bengough & Palmer from Mr. Tarrant & Moule and between Lowbridge Bright, Duncomb & Pownall; accounts of Francis Bright with Henry Bright; details of goods received from J. McMillan by L. & R. Bright; and John McMillan's mortgage account.;