David Duncomb II

???? - 1818


David Duncomb II was a partner in Bright, Milward and Duncomb of Jamaica, and in a number of related partnerships. He was the son of the slave-trader David Duncomb I (q.v.), who financed his son's entry into the Jamaican mercantile partnership. David Duncomb II died in London in 1818.

  1. David Duncomb II is shown in genealogical sources as the brother of Benjamin Duncomb (q.v.). Certainly in 1818 David Duncomb late of the island of Jamaica was buried in London of Alfred Place, an address associated with Benjamin Duncomb in an indenture of 1818 on the marriage of Mary Duncomb to Henry Sabine.

  2. Separately, an estate called Muff Castle in St Andrew in 1812-1818 was shown against David Duncomb: in 1820, the Muff Castle estate was registered against Robert Bright. The Bright Papers in Melbourne have a record described as Correspondence about the management of Muff Castle estate (although the document is marked George's Valley) dated 1805. No will has yet been found for either David Duncomb (d. 1818) or Benjamin Duncomb (d. 1850). 'David Duncombe' was also shown as the previous owner of The Villa in St Thomas-in-the-Vale in 1820. It remains to be confirmed whether this man was the same as David Duncomb II, but the presence of Richard Bright also in the entry for this estate in the 1820 Slave Register strongly suggests he was.


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Bright, Millward and Duncomb
West India merchant  
Duncomb & Savage
West India merchant  

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Tentative only. Benjamin Duncomb did have a brother David who died in London in 1818: it is not clear that he was the same man as the David Duncombe shown as previous owner of The Villa estate in St...
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This is tentative. David Duncomb I certainly had a son named David, who was almost certainly the man dying in London in 1818: whether this man was the owner of The Villa is less certain. ...
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Business partners

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Alfred Place, London, Middlesex, London, England