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Lancaster merchant and sugar refiner, apparently unusccessful claimant with others for the compensation for 106 enslaved people probably on Tortola in the Virgin Islands, which was paid into a Chancery suit of Salisbury v Taylor. There is a nexus of Lancaster merchants in this award, which was originally claimed by R. King of St George Tortola as receiver in Chancery of Geo. Hannah deceased owner-in-fee. Thomas Giles of Lancaster counterclaimed with Thomas Walling Salisbury and William Lamb of Hay Carr near Lancaster (both of whom q.v.) as mortgagees under an assignment from Richard Hetherington (q.v.); there was also a separate counterclaim from Thomas Giles and Samuel Gregson (q.v.), also of Lancaster.

  1. In 1823, Thomas Giles with Samuel Gregson and John Chorley, all of Lancaster, were shown as holding the details and giving consent for access to properties owned by the Worswick family, including Ellel Grange in Lancashire and a banking house in Lancaster, in a sale arising from the Chancery case of Giles v Andrade. In 1828, Thomas Giles, Samuel Gregson and John Charnley [sic] of Lancaster were shown first among those with the details of the estate in the sale of the Orchard coffee plantation with 145 male and 140 female slaves in Port Royal Jamaica: 'Two-thirds of the purchase money, payable in one or two years, may remain secured by mortgage on the estate.'



T71/883 Virgin Islands claim no. 29  

  1. London Gazette, Issue 17950, 19/08/1823, p. 1367; London Gazette, Issue 18481, 24/06/1828, p. 1229.

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Lancaster, Lancashire, North-west England, England