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Walter Brett of Kingston, original claimant for compensation for ownership of 23 enslaved persons on Mount Salus [?] estate, Jamaica. The compensation was awarded to Lewis Johnston, James William Johnston, William Bruce Almon and Mather Byles Almon, presumably as executors of John Johnson, who counterclaimed as assignee under a deed of 20/04/1825.

  1. Possibly the same Walter Brett who shot Robert Ewart in Kingston, Jamaica, on 9th April 1791. From a report in the Gentleman's Magazine: “In consequence of a disagreement of some standing, a rencontre took place on the 9th of April between Robert Ewart and Walter Brett, esqrs. in the piazza adjoining Edie’s coffee-house, in which the former received a pistol-shot in his body, which almost instantaneously put a period to his existence. An inquest was immediately held on the body, and several witnesses examined, when the verdict returned was, “that Robert Ewart, the deceased, did, on the 9th of April, assault Walter Brett, of the parish of Kingston, gentleman, with a whip, which he the said R. Ewart then and there had in this right-hand, and did strike the said W. Brett several times with such whip; whereupon the said W. Brett, in his own defence, drew a pistol from his pocket, and then and there shot the said R. Ewart through the body, by means of a ball, which the said W. Brett, in his own defence, fired from the said pistol; by means of which shot or wound the said R. Weart came by his death.” Mr. Brett immediately surrendered himself to the officers of justice. On the inquest, a loaded pistol was found in the pocket of Mr. Ewart.”

  2. Walter Brett married Sarah Marriott in Kingston, Jamaica, 25/06/1785. There were three children born to this marriage, all of whom died young: Elizabeth Mary (christened 21/01/1787 and buried 02/07/1789), Thomas (christened 07/01/1792 and buried 11/11/1792) and Mary Elizabeth (christened 24/11/1790 and buried 29/01/1793). There is also a record of another child, Susan, marrying in 1819: "On Tuesday last, at the Church of St Pancras, Mr J. Knaggs, of Judd Street, to Susan, only daughter of Walter Brett, esq., of the Island of Jamaica."

  3. There was a Walter Brett listed as an attorney-at-law in the Jamaica Almanacs of 1784, 1817 and 1824. Mount Salus was registered to Walter Brett in the Almanac of 1831 . Presumably he had died by 1840 when Mount Salus was registered to the estate of Walter Brett.


T71/865 St Andrew claim no. 494 (Mount Salus).

  1. Gentleman's Magazine, Vol. 61 part 1 pp. 575-576.

  2. 'Descendants of Walter Brett', available at [accessed 27/04/2012]; Times 17/07/1819 p. 1.

  3. Jamaica Almanac (1784, 1817, 1824, 1831 and 1840).

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Sarah Marriott
Elizabeth Mary (?-1789), Thomas (?-1792), Mary Elizabeth (?-1793), Susan

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£514 15s 7d
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