Mary Anne Abdy (née Brebner Gordon)

???? - 1829

Antecedent of claimant or beneficiary


Daughter of James Brebner Gordon, wife of Sir William Abdy 6th bart., mother of Sir William Abdy 7th bart., and aunt of James Adams Gordon (all of whom q.v.). Her father left her to distribute £40,000 in capital stock of the Bank of England that he had bequeathed to three of her daughters, Catherine, Charlotte and Harriet Abdy.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Brebner Gordon
Sir William Abdy 6th bart.
Sir William Abdy; Catherine Mary; Charlotte Anne; Harriott

Relationships (5)

Wife → Husband
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30th Nov -0001
Mother → Son
Aunt → Nephew
Daughter → Father
Sister → Brother

Addresses (1)

Chobham Place, Chobham, Woking, Surrey, South-east England, England