Simeon Henry Hardy junior

1806 - 1873

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. Son of Simeon Hardy (1776-1834), a merchant and shipowner of Cork, who reportedly went to Martinique in 1796, and then to Dominica (where he married Mary O'Brien, the niece of his partner James Boland), before returning to Cork in 1810: Simeon's younger brother John Peter then went out to Barbados in 1812 and in partnership with Simeon Hardy (1776-1834) set up as a merchant trading sugar for Irish goods.

  2. The Hardy family originated in La Rochelle, France. Henry Hardy (1698-1749) left France for Holland and then England, to learn the language and trade. His brother Pierre Isaac Hardy (1694-1751) was a slave-trader. Henry Hardy's son Henry Barthelemy Hardy (1722-1783) settled in Dublin and died there. Henry Barthelemy's grandson Simeon Hardy (1776-1834) was a merchant, involved in the sugar trade between the British West Indies (principally Barbados) and Cork. Simeon Hardy introduced his sons Simeon Hardy junior and John Peter Hardy to the sugar trade.

  3. The firm Simeon Hardy & Sons (q.v.) moved to London, first appearing in 1868 and being wound up in 1878, a process that was still running in 1902.


T71/898 Barbados claim no. 3930 (Regale).

  1. Drawn from Caribbean Surname index, 'Hardy family of Barbados and Cork Ireland', which cites no sources [accessed 20/12/2010]. The elder Simeon Hardy's life-dates are drawn from Rootweb's WorldConnect Project: Samuel Reid, again citing no sources [accessed 20/12/2010].

  2. Email from Vince O'Grady, 27/10/2014.

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£269 18s 7d
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Commercial (6)

Railway Investment
Killarney Junction [1846245]  
Railway Investment
Wexford, Carlow and Dublin Junction [1846534]  
Railway Investment
Irish Great Western [1846242]  
Railway Investment
Mallow and Fermoy [1846327]  
Name partner
Simeon Hardy and Sons
General overseas merchant?  
Railway Investment
Great Southern and Western Extension (Carlow to Kilkenny) [1846219]  

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Son → Father

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Cobh, Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland
15 Fitzwilliam Square, North, Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland