Peter McKie

???? - 22nd Jan 1838

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. The will of Peter McKie, planter, residing in parish of Saint Catherine in County of Middlesex and Island of Jamaica, thereafter residing at Denaird in Parish of Glenluce, was proved at Wigtown Sherrif Court in 1840. Personal effects in Scotland £303 7s 3d. Probate gives the date of death as 22/01/1838. Brother John McKie, farmer in Drumjargan, Wigtownshire or Galloway was one of the trustees and executors, along with James Derbyshire of St Catherine, Jamaica, storekeeper, and Marcus William Stamp of St Elizabeth, Practitioner of Medicine and Surgery.

  2. The will of Peter McKie names his mother as Mrs Jane McKie of Glenluce and his sister as Margaret Wallace. The marriage of Margaret McKie and Michael Wallace in Glenluce in 1818 names her father as John McKie deceased.

  3. Jane Creighton had a daughter, Mary Anne Jane Stamp, with Marcus William [sic?] Stamp, born 23/11/1839 and baptised in St Catherine 01/07/1840. Jane Creighton was one of the beneficiaries of McKie's will and Stamp was one of the executors.


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Further Information

Name in compensation records
Peter M'Kie

SC19/41/6 - precis.

Peter McKie of St Catherine, Jamaica, planter.

All my estate real and personal to my executors and trustees for the purposes hereinafter declared.

Trustees to sell all my property at such prices as shall seem reasonable except my mountain property called Pleasant Valley, the apprentices, stock and furniture thereon.

Trustees to pay the following legacies.

To my mother Mrs Jane McKie, now of the town of Glenluce, Galloway, Scotland, an annuity of £40 sterling for life.

To my brother William McKie £300 sterling to be invested by my executors in the purchase on an annuity for the benefit of my brother William McKie for life.

To Mary McKie of St Catherine, £500 Jamaican currency with interest at 5 per cent per annum.

To Sally alias called Sarah McKie, £50 Jamaican currency per annum until she reach the age of 15 years for the purpose of enabling her to be educated. At age 15 years, £500 Jamaican currency to her, to be paid on attaining the age 21 years or marriage, the interest to be paid to her between the ages of 15 and 21 annually.

To my brother John McKie of Galloway, my gold watch and appendages.

To Jane Creighton, late of St Catherine, the rents and profits arising from my mountain plantation called Pleasant Valley in St Catherine for life, subject to a yearly payment of £20 Jamaican currency to the beforementioned Mary McKie and Sarah McKie in equal moieties (to the survivor of them, the full £20). After the death of Jane Creighton, my executors to sell Pleasant Valley; the proceeds of the sale to go to Mary McKie and Sarah McKie in equal moieties. Should both die without issue then the proceeds to form part of my residuary estate.

All rest and residue to my sister Margaret Wallace of Glenluce and my brother John McKie as tenants in common.

Executors and trustees to be James Derbyshire of St Catherine, storekeeper, Marcus William Stamp of St Catherine, practitioner of medicine and surgery, and my brother John McKie.

Signed 22/06/1837.


Associated Claims (4)

£1,480 0s 1d
£2,030 14s 3d
Awardee (Administrator)
£1,332 8s 3d
Awardee (Executor or executrix)
£17 2s 10d

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Testator → Executor

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Dervaird, Glenluce, Wigtownshire, Southern Scotland, Scotland