Christopher Nockells

1754 - 1841

Claimant or beneficiary


London shipowner and former captain, son of Christopher and Martha Nockells.

  1. Baptised 06/01/1754 at St George the Martyr Southwark. Will of Christopher Nockells merchant and shipowner of Charlotte street Bedford Square proved 19/01/1842.  

  2. He first appears as owner of Mount Pleasant (Blue Mountain Division, St Thomas-in-the-East ) in the 1827 Jamaica Almanac. In 1825 the estate is shown as Ann Mary Teighe; in 1811 as Ann Mary Teigh: the will of Ann or Anne Mary Teighe of Warfield Berks (who died 22/04/1825) proven 09/07/1825 makes no reference either to Jamaica property or to Nockells.

  3. He appears to have been married three times: Maria is identified as his third wife in an advertisement for next of kin of Willam Nockells of 3 Carlton Villas Barnes, Christopher Nockell's grandson, in 1904. His first wife, Ann Cande, died in 1781 and is buried at St Paul's Shadwell: with her, he had Christopher and Ann[e], baptised 1780 (when Christopher Nockells senior is described as mariner of Farmer street) and 1781 respectively at St Paul Shadwell.  On 18/10/1787 as widower he married Mary Foster at Shadwell, and with her had Samuel Hoffman, Elizabeth, Christopher William, John (when he is referred to as Captain Christopher Nockells) and William.  Finally he married Maria Carpmeal on 10/02/1817 at St Mary Newington Southwark with whom he had Maria, baptised at St George Bloomsbury 22/07/1817.   

  4. Conflict c. 1836 of Sligo/E.B.Lyon the Spectator Magazine with the younger Christopher Nockells, who was said by E.B. Lyon to have absented himself for a yacht trip from Mt Pleasant [which he managed for his father] and Hill Head, which he managed for others. The papers confirm Christopher Nockells senior as absentee.


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Further Information

(1) Ann Cande; (2) Mary Foster; (3) Maria Carpmeal
With (1): Christopher (1780-) and Ann[e] (1781-). With (2): Samuel hoffman (1788-), Elizabeth (1792-), Christopher William (1794-), John (1796-), William (1802-). With (3): Maria (1817-).
Sailor then shipowner

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£2,924 5s 7d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)

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1826 [EA] - 1839 [LA] → Owner

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Charlotte Street, London, Middlesex, London, England