Josias Booker

1793 - 12th Jun 1865

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  1. First of the Booker brothers (Josias, George, William and Richard, q.v.) to go to Demerara. Arrived 1815. Attorney for Broom Hall 1818-1827.  Returned to Liverpool 1827, established Josias Booker & Co. as West Indian merchant. Bought old Dispensary at Old Post Office Place 1829 for £6500, then redeveloped it, leasing some rooms to Liverpool Academy and Art Institute.  

  2. Josias II (1828-1881) married Mehetabel Wickham Austin (1841-67), the daughter of Bishop Dr William Piercy Austin and Eliza Piercy Henderson, in 1862.


  1. Judy Slinn and Jennifer Tanburn, The Booker Story (Andover, Jarrold Publishing, 2003), pp. 5, 7-11.

  2. Descendants of Thomas Austin of Barbados [accessed 27/12/2010].

Further Information

Elizabeth Higgin
Josias II; Samuel; John Horrocks; Rev. George; Rev. Arthur

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1823 [EA] - 1823 [LA] → Attorney

Legacies Summary

Commercial (4)

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Sponsors of Royal Insurance met initially in the offices of Josias Booker.  Booker owned 1000 of initial 100,000 shares of £20 each. Initially oveseas fire markets, then life insurance....
General Investment
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1835 bought the Elizabeth, 3 year old brig of 244 tons (Georgetown-Liverpool 1835-7); 1840 commissioned building of the John Horrocks, 350 ton brig (destroyed by fire 1854); 1850 bought the...
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'Deeply involved' in establishment of Royal Bank of Liverpool 1836; director 1837; Chairman in 1847, helped secure its survival through crisis of 1847-8....
Senior partner
Josias Booker & Co.
West India merchant  

Cultural (3)

Governor and Trustee
Blue Coat Hospital...... 
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Slinn & Tanburn 'The Booker Story' pp....
Life Governor
Manor Hall Asylum...... 
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One of founders; became a Life Governor 1843 until...
Founder member
St Anne's Church, Aigburth...... 
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Founder with among others John Moss, C.S. Parker, J.A. Tinne.  Josias Booker paid £175 for 3 pews.   1st entry in baptism register is that of Josias Booker's son, John Horrocks...

Political (1)

Local Government
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Town councillor
1844 -

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Poplar Grove, Allerton, Lancashire, North-west England, England