James Cadett

1768 - 1830

Slave-owner and antecedent of claimant or beneficiary


Trinidadian planter who returned to Britain shortly before his death in 1830. His executors were William Earle and Thomas Leathom (q.v.), in which capacity the two men were awarded the compensation for the Waterloo estate (Trinidad No. 1642).  

  1. The executors also counterclaimed apparently unsuccessfully on the River estate (Trinidad No. 1075A) which Cadett had owned in 1825 and 1828.

  2. Cadett appears to have been in Trinidad as late as 1828 registering his personal slaves himself.

  3. James Cadett Esq., of Clarence Terrrace buried aged 62 St Marylebone 25/02/1830; will of James Cadett proved 06/11/1830. The daughter of James Cadett deceased married Samuel Lloyd at St Marylebone 11/04/1844.

  4. The James Cadett MD who invested in the Kent Railway, wrote to the Railway Magazine about a steam service linking the West Indies and Australasia and died in Trinidad 17/03/1865 'late of the Waterloo estate' leaving under £800 was almost certainly the son of the James Cadett (d. 1830) and Angelle Darcueil, whom his father's will showed as a student of medicine in Edinburgh.


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Further Information


PROB11/1777/423, proved 06/11/1830.

In his will, James Cadett put £20,000 in trust with Earle and Leathom to support Harriet Cadett of Brompton Row his 'daughter or reputed daughter' by Angelle Darcueil [sic] of Trinidad, a separate sum of £20,000 to support Henry Cadett of Brompton Row, his son or reputed son by Angelle Darcueil, and £500 to support Charles Cadett, a third child with Angelle Darceuil [there is no explanation of the discrepancy: Charles was not described as of Brompton Row and might therefore have still been with his mother in Trinidad). James Cadett also left monetary legacies of £2000 to his reputed daughter by Jane Somersall, Charlotte Cadett of Andover; £1000 to his reputed son James Cadett of Baton Rouge; £500 to another natural son by Jane Somersall, John Cadett; and monetary legacies to his sister Harriet Larcoisade [?] and her family of St Martin in the West Indies. He freed his 'black servant John now living with me'; forgave any debts from the Darcueil family in Trinidad and confirmed his gift of property there to Angelle Darcueil on which she could raise £1000 in her will for any purpose. He pledged his real estate to secure £200 p.a to be used to support his three natural sons by Angelle Darcueil until the age of 25: James Cadett now of the City of Edinburgh a student in medicine; William Cadett of the City of Glasgow and Thomas Cadett of the City of London. In a Memorandum to his executors dated 02/10/1829 he listed details of papers at 'Mr Henry Clapham's no. 18 Great Portland Street' and wrote of the 'base ingratitude' of Angelle Darcueil and instructed his executors that no part of his estate (other than the house in Port of Spain she already had) should go to her support.

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