Lady Anne Amelia Keppel

1803 - 1844

Spouse of claimant or beneficiary


1st marriage (26 Feb 1822-30 June 1842) was to Thomas William Coke (q.v.); second (25 October 1843-22 July 1844) to Edward Ellice (q.v.).

Anne Keppel was Coke's second wife. She was Coke's goddaughter and the daughter of William Charles Keppel, fourth earl of Albemarle, and his first wife, Elizabeth Southwell. She was fifty years younger than Coke and seven years younger than his granddaughter.They had five sons and a daughter; the eldest was Thomas William Coke, agriculturist and landowner (1822- ).

She died in childbirth, 22 July 1844.


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Further Information

(1) Thomas William Coke (2) Edward Ellice

Relationships (2)

Wife → Husband
Marriage Details →
26th Feb 1822
Second Wife → Husband
Marriage Details →
25th Oct 1843