Rowland Maltby

1748 - 1830

Antecedent of claimant or beneficiary


London solicitor, son of Brough Maltby (1719-1798) and Ann Dyer (c.1726-1791), brother and at one time partner of William Maltby (1763-1854), and husband of Louisa Maltby (q.v)., who claimed as his executrix as a mortgagee.

The family were Presbyterian, although Edward Maltby,  the cousin of Rowland and William became Bishop of Durham.

  1. Baptised 01/04/1749 at the Old Jewry Presbyterian church, London, married Louisa Pollok in London 26/12/1789. His parents Brough and Ann died 1798 and 1791 respectively, with their addresses in the burial records given as Swithin's Lane, London.

  2. Death of Rowland Maltby of Charlotte Street given as 23/05/1830 at Brighton. Buried 27/05/1830 at Bunhill Fields Cemetery, London, age 81. Will of Rowland Maltby gentleman of Fitzroy Street Middlesex proved 22/06/1830. In the will, which is very short, he left everything (except £20, which he left to his brother William) to his wife Louisa, 'most sincerely regretting that the great losses and misfortunes I have suffered will not enable me to do her that justice which her irreproachable conduct and mistaken affection so truly merit.'  

  3. He describes himself as a solicitor, living at Fishmongers' Hall, in 1809. London directories show Rowland Maltby at 44 Charlotte Street 1819-1824, then at 23 Charlotte Street 1829, and his widow Mrs Maltby there in 1835 and 1841.

  4. A Rowland Maltby, 'money-scrivener' of Mortimer Street was bankrupt c. 1811, which fits with the tone of his will although, this is later than the appearances of Rowland Maltby as attorney in trade directories of the 1770s. According to the ODNB entry for his brother William Maltby (1763-1854), their father Brough Maltby was a wholesale draper of Mansion House Street, London, and Rowland Maltby was one-time clerk to the Fishmongers' Company.

  5. Rowland Maltby was a witness in the Mary Anne Clarke trial (1809), described as her agent and involved in the trading in East India Company positions, which he denied in his testimony to the House of Commons committee into the conduct of the Duke of York. He was introduced to Mary Anne Clarke by his brother-in-law Russell Manners, MP for Grantham in 1806 (Manners had married Catherine Pollok, sister of Rowland's wife Louisa).


T71/880 Grenada Nos. 565 and 685.

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Louisa Maltby

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£3,373 2s 8d
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13/07/1830 [SD] - → Mortgage Holder

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East India Company
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Rowland Maltby was a witness in the Mary Anne Clarke trial (1809), described as her agent and involved in the trading in East India Company positions, which he denied in his testimony to the House of...

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Rowland Maltby was married to Charlton Palmer's grand-daughter Louisa....

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23 Charlotte Street, London, Middlesex, London, England
44 Charlotte Street, London, Middlesex, London, England
Fishmongers' Hall, London, Middlesex, London, England