William Collman

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Slave-owner in Jamaica, apparently resident, still active c. 1842, when he was called to the Chair on the occasion of the farewell address to Sir Charles Theophilus Metcalfe.

  1. Not to be confused with his nephew William Collman, born 1807, who died in 1853: 'Sacred to the memory of William Gollman, Esquire, born 15th May, 1807, died 25th January, 1853, at Caswell Hill Estate, in the Parish of Vere. Also George Munro Collman, born Nov. 29th, 1834, died 29th May, 1853, at Bushy Park Estate in the parish of St. Dorothy, and Elizabeth Caroline Collman, born 28th August, 1846, died 27th July, 1849, at Salt River in the parish of Vere. As a tribute of conjugal and maternal remembrance this tablet has been inscribed by Elizabeth Collman.' It's possible that the two have been conflated in LBS's assessment.

  2. Longville Crawle in St John, was registered to Michael Collman in the Jamaican Almanac of 1811. This Michael Collman was probably the uncle of William (born 1807), who was son of Michael's brother George. Michael Collman provided for the manumission of his housekeeper, Pinky Mitchell, now a slave on Longville, in his will which was proved in 1816, and bequeathed £2000 to his brother George Collman of Epsom.


  1. Frank Cundall, Historic Jamaica.

  2. Email from Juliana Martin, 12/10/2019; PROB 11/1584/514.

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£432 17s 10d
£5,430 6s 3d
£53 3s 0d
£728 7s 8d

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William Collman of Clarendon was identified as brother and executor of Michael Collman in the latter's...