Ann O'Meally

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Slave-owner in St Thomas-in-the-Vale, Jamaica. Possibly the same woman as the Ann O'Meally awarded compensation for six enslaved people in St Catherine. The O'Meally family has not been analysed by LBS, but appears to have been resident.

  1. Matilda Roberdeau, born 26/01/1816, daughter of Ann O'Meally "free quadroon" was baptised in St Catherine, Jamaica, 23/09/1816. Ann O'Meally registered one enslaved person, Caroline Flowers, age 20, as guardian of Mally [Matty?] Robertdeau in St Thomas-in-the-Vale, Jamaica, by bequest of Ann Davis. Ann O'Meally and Bridget O'Meally inherited Lucky Vally estate in St Thomas-in-the-Vale from Ann Davis between 1823 and 1826, as well as each owning enslaved people from at least 1817 onwards.


  1., Jamaica Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880 [database online]; T71/28 p. 398.

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Matilda Robertdeau

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£507 18s 1d
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