William Harrison

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London merchant, awarded the compensation for Stanhope (Clarendon), Mt Charles (Port Royal), Spring Vale Pen (St James) and Green Park (Trelawny) all in Jamaica. Son of Jonathan Harrison (q.v.) and a partner in Litt and Harrisons from 1826. He was apparently the same William Harrison of Lime Street Square suffering a second bankruptcy in 1839 with Duncan Davidson Alves.

  1. In 1831, William Peatt Litt and his partners John Joseph Harrison and William Harrison, all of Lime Street, were declared bankrupt; Nevile Reid, James Thomson of Billiter Sq.,and Isaac Westmoreland were appointed assignees.  William Harrison appears to have emerged from bankruptcy and in 1834 the Stanhope plantation was assigned to him by William Peatt Litt, John Joseph Harrison, Nevile Reid, James Thomson and Isaac Westmoreland. His other awards are also linked to the previous partnership. It is not yet clear whether the William Harrison of Strachan Place Balls Pond Road who was an executor of Henry Bromfield (q.v.) of Cheltenham was the same man as the awardee in this entry.


 T71/859 Clarendon no. 134; T71/864 Port Royal no. 47; T71/873 St James 393A-C; T71/874 Trelawny 539A-C.

  1. T71/1186 (Clarendon no. 134) counterclaim by William Harrison of Lime Street Sq. in London, merchant versus John Wright and John Bloxam Elin, attorneys to William Peatt Litt.

Further Information

West India merchant

Associated Claims (4)

£912 12s 7d
£2,628 5s 6d
£3,466 8s 8d
£10,172 17s 9d

Associated Estates (3)

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1829 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Joint owner
1834 [EA] - → Mortgage Holder
1834 [SY] - → Assignee

Legacies Summary

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Other partner
William Peatt Litt & Steele
West India merchant  
Name partner
Alves, Steele & Harrison
West India merchant  

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Son → Father

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Lime Street, City of London, Middlesex, London, England