James Robertson

1780 - 1856

Claimant or beneficiary


Writer of the Signet in Edinburgh, awarded with Caroline Robertson (q.v.) the compensation for the enslaved people on the Bellemont estate as executor and executrix of John Robertson.

  1. James Robertson was the cousin of John Robertson and the brother of the Hon. Duncan Robertson (q.v.). The Robertson family owned Gilnock Hall Estate, Friendship, Belmont and New Buildings in St Elizabeth Jamaica.


T71/870 St Elizabeth no. 161, where both James Robertson and Caroline Robertson are described as 'Of Great Britain'.

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  1. The will of “John Robertson of Bellemont in the Parish of Saint Elizabeth County of Cornwall and Island of Jamaica" made on 16 May 1818 at Gartincaber House, Perthshire, Scotland (Scotlands People website: Reference CC8/8/149 Edinburgh Commissary Court) names as an executor "my cousin James Robertson, writer number two Heriot row Edinburgh"; James Robertson, born 1 January 1780, the second son of the Reverend James and Isabella Robertson (née Graham): Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae - The Succession of Ministers in the Church of Scotland from the Reformation, by Hew Scott, D.D, New Edition, Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh, 1923, Vol. 4, Synods of Argyll and of Perth and of Sterling, pp. 340 - 341; The will made by a James Robertson in Edinburgh on 4 December 1854 (Reference SC44/44/12 Dunblane Sheriff Court) names as his sole beneficiary "my sister Janet Graham Robertson at present residing at East Mains of Callander". Janet Graham Robertson, born 26 July 1789, was a younger sister of James Robertson, born 1 January 1780, the second son of the Reverend James and Isabella Robertson (née Graham]: Fasti Ecclesiae. The will says that James Robertson died at East Mains of Callander, Perthshire on 16 October 1856 and opens with the words "I James Robertson residing at Number Two Heriot Row Edinburgh ..."

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£2,603 15s 2d
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2 Heriot Row, Edinburgh, Midlothian (Edinburgh), Central Scotland, Scotland