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Isaac Mendes Belisario appears in the slave compensation records as the executor of Rebecca Belisario and the guardian of Leah Mendes Belisario. This man was not the artist of the same name, but the son of Moses and Rebecca Belisario and the cousin of Isaac Mendes Belisario, the artist.

Moses Belisario registered enslaved people in Kingston as owner in right of his wife Rebecca in 1817. In 1823, Isaac Mendes Belisario registered enslaved people as executor to Rebecca Belisario, widow of Moses Belisario, agent to Abraham Mendes Belisario. In 1829, he registered two enslaved people as guardian of Rebecca Leah Belisario, one of whom had been inherited from Rebecca Belisario.

The death of Moses Belisario, a Sephardic Jew, was registered in Kingston 24/06/1820.


Email from Jackie Ranston sourced to: Island Record Office, Jamaica, District Court Wills No. 104, Rebecca Mendes Belisario, Entered 31 July 1824; Island Record Office, Liber Old Series 749, f. 46, Isaac Mendes Belisario, sale of slave entered 30 March 1827; Ibid. - f. 244, Isaac Mendes Belsiario, sale of slaves, entered 30 November 1827. See Jackie Ranston, Jackie Belisario. Sketches of Character. A historical biography of a Jamaican artist (2008) pp. 179, 182.

1817 slave register, T71/74 p. 265; 1823 slave register, T71/94 p. 187; 1829 register, T71/105 p. 108.

Death of Moses Belisario,

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Highbury Place, Highbury, London, Middlesex, London, England
Notes →, London, England, Electoral Registers, 1832-1965 [database online].

John Street, Kings Road, London, Middlesex, London, England
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