Sarah Tierney Myers

???? - 1843

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. Sarah Tierney Myers of Taunton, Somerset, whose will was proved 27/12/1843. One of her executors was Rowland Mitchell (q.v.). In her will she leaves £3000 at three and a half per cent to trustees of her sister Ann Myers. The will also mentions her nephew John Morrison Myers and her servant Mary Gibbons.

  2. Sarah Myers, age 60, of Independent Means, born Foreign Parts, was living on the High Street in Taunton in the census of 1841 in a household including a servant called Mary Gibbons.

  3. Death of Sarah Tierney Myers registered Q4 1843 in Taunton, Somerset.

  4. Almost certainly related to (probably as daughter) the Mr. Thomas Myers in co-partnership with James Tierney (who died 1784).

  5. Rev. John Morrison Myers: second son of William of the Island of Jamaica; matriculated Exeter College, Oxford, age 17, 14/06/1834; BA from New Inn Hall 1843; Headmaster of Jamaica Free School, Walton St Anne's at his death 02/02/1861.


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  4. See the will of James Tierney PROB 11/1124 which states: "And whereas the greater part of my fortune consists in monies due to me on account of the co-partnership in which I engaged with Mr Thomas Meyers and which monies I have every reason to believe will, in case of my decease before a settlement, be very difficult to be recovered and collected in by my executors and it being my wish that all my monies in this country except such as I have hereinbefore disposed of should be remitted to England as soon as possible after my decease I do therefore, in order to effect such remittance more speedily, hereby direct that they, my said executors in this island, do use every diligence to bring said Mr Meyers and the debtors to the said co-partnership to an early settlement..." Transcript available at [accessed 10/04/2013].

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£6 10s 4d

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Inferred by LBS. Sarah Tierney Myers identified her nephew as John Morrison Myers in her will; in turn John Morrison Myers was identified in the Cambridge Alumni as son of William Myers of Jamaica....
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High Street, Taunton, Somerset, South-west England, England