Susan Jackson

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Awarded the compensation for six enslaved people in Kingston Jamaica. Identified as an absentee but nothing further has been traced of her to date.

Possibly Susan Campbell of Auchenbreck in Scotland who was the daughter of Colin Campbell and Henrietta Campbell. Her father was a merchant of Greenock. She married Hon. Robert Jackson and had four children: Robert Colin Campbell Jackson b. 26 Sep 1807, Henrietta Camilla Jackson (8 Feb 1808-10 Feb 1885), General Charles Forbes Jackson b. 1810, Henry Stanley Jackson b. 8 Jul 1812.

There is a description of her given in Papers, Literary, Scientific, Etc. by Robert Louis Stephenson. He wrote that she was 'a woman of fierce passions; she would tie her house slaves to the bed and lash them with her own hand; and her conduct to her wild and down-going sons, was a mixture of almost insane self-sacrifice and wholly insane violence of temper.'


1. Kingston no. 2579, 'Absentee.' 2. 3. Fleeming Jenkins, Papers, Literary, Scientific, Etc witha Memoir by Robert Louis Stephenson(Cambridge University Press, 2014), pp.xxii-iii

Further Information

Hon. Robert Jackson
Robert Colin Campbell Jackson1 b. 26 Sep 1807, Henrietta Camilla Jackson b. 8 Feb 1808, d. 10 Feb 1885. General Charles Forbes Jackson b. 1810, Henry Stanley Jackson b. 8 Jul 1812

Associated Claims (1)

£89 3s 2d

Associated Estates (3)

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1817 [EA] - 1828 [LA] → Owner
1823 [EA] - → Trustee and Executrix
1820 [EA] - → Trustee and Executrix

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Wife → Husband
Mother → Daughter