John Fairweather

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One of the six "reputed" children of Robert Fairweather (q.v.) named as residuary legatees in his will.

  1. John, Robert and Ann Fairweather were baptised in St Mary, 10/04/1811. No parents' names were given but these three correspond to the first three of Robert's children listed in his will. Alexander, William and Catherine Fairweather, "free quadroon children", baptised in St Ann, 18/08/1819.

  2. "In 1828 a Private Act was passed for granting certain privileges to John Fairweather of St. Mary." These acts generally extended some of the privileges of white people to specific people of colour.

  3. Married Ellen/Helen McBean 01/10/1829 in St Mary. Five daughters baptised in St Mary: Agnes Catherine (1833), Mary Robertson and Elizabeth (both 1837), Margaret Olivia and Helen Guthrie (both 1843). Given as a carpenter on Clemont estate in 1833 and 1837 and as a gentleman in 1843.

  4. John Fairweather was an Ensign in the St Mary Militia in 1837 and Lieutenant in 1841. Vestryman in St Mary 1841 and 1842; Assistant Judge or Magistrate in St Mary 1843.


Note the sequential claim numbers in St Mary strongly hint at close relations: Robert Fairweather (claim no. 32); Catherine Allen (34), Robert Fairweather (35); John Fairweather (36, 37, 38) and Helen Fairweather (39).

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We are grateful to David Barker for his assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Helen McBean
Agnes Catherine, Mary Robertson (1835-), Elizabeth (1837-), Margaret Olivia (1841-), Helen Guthrie (1842-)

Associated Claims (3)

£12 16s 2d
£26 12s 2d
£126 19s 5d

Relationships (3)

Natural Daughter → Mother
Husband → Wife
Natural Son → Father