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  1. Probably Margaret Woolfrys, daughter of Mary Ann Foord, "a black woman" by John Woolfrys, born 02/11/1793 and baptised 20/10/1801 in St Andrew, Jamaica, the same day as her half sisters Ann Woolfrys and Mary Ann Woolfrys (q.v.). John Woolfrys was probably a "free quadroon", or at least his daughter Ann Riches Woolfrys with "free quadroon" Susan Riches was classified as such.

  2. George Strupar, son of Geo W. Strupar and Margaret Woodfrys "a free m[ulatt]o", born 13/07/1814 and baptised in Kingston, 24/10/1814. Sophia Strupar, daughter of Margaret Woolfrys "a free mulatto" by George W. Strupar, born 16/09/1818 and baptised 14/07/1819 in Kingston. William Strupar, daughter of George Strupar by Margaret Woolfrys "a free person of colour" born 11/11/1819 and baptised in St Andrew 08/12/1821.

  3. George Worrall Strupar, editor of the Jamaica Courant, who died in 1826, bequeathed his household effects to Margaret Wolfrys of Kingston, "a female of colour". His residuary legatees were his children with Margaret, named as George and Sophia.


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