James Black Miller

1823 - ????


Son of John Miller (q.v.).

  1. Married to Martha Bradshaw, 17/01/1846 in Bycullah, Bombay, India; he was age 23, son of John Miller; she was age 24, daughter of Joseph Bradshaw. She died 26/01/1893, a widow, at Spencer Terrace, Bognor, Sussex, effects £1149 3s 2d.

  2. An account of the will of Martha Miller gives some clues to his activities: "Mrs Miller was the wife of James Black Miller sometime residing in Liverpool, Lancashire (merchant) afterwards at Bombay in the East Indies, afterwards at Port Natal, South Africa, afterwards in Gloucester, UK and latterly at Middledrift in the British Province of Kaffraria." Their children were John Francis James Miller, James Martin Miller and Charles Joseph Miller.


See separate entry for John Miller.

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Further Information

Martha Bradshaw
John Francis James Miller, James Martin Miller, Charles Joseph Miller

Legacies Summary

Imperial (2)

East India Company
notes →
Merchant, living in Bycullah, Bombay, India, at the time of his marriage in 1846, although his exact relations with the East India Company are...
South Africa: Natal 
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Merchant, known to have lived in Port Natal and...

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Son → Father

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Natal, South Africa
Bombay, India