Alexander Charles Grant

12th Aug 1843 - 8th Jan 1930


Son of Peter Grant, 'a sugar merchant in Demerara', possibly recorded as either or both Peter Grant (q.v., ID 6262) or Peter Grant (q.v., ID 7200), the recipients of smaller awards in British Guiana. Landowner and merchant in Australia from the 1860s.

This Peter Grant was apparently the son of Peter Grant of New Amsterdam who died in 1822. Alexander Charles Grant came to the United States from Brisbane Austrailia. They entered at Angel Island and settled in Long Beach, California in a house he died in in 1930. The house was razed in the 1950s and a yacht club built on the property at Alamedos Bay. His father Peter's father had been taken to the West Indies to run a plantation and was not permitted to return to Scotland. Peter assumed control of the property, liquidated it and returned to Scotland where he married, fathered 3 sons and died. His wife raised the boys who then went to Australia to make their fortunes. Alexander made his fortune, built his family and came to the States where he passed in 1930 in his home by Alemeda Bay


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Email from Lawrence DiLucchio, 14/12/2018 sourced to Jessy Grant Mitke, History of Our Race (privately published).

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Further Information

Sarah Elizabeth North
3 sons, 8 daughters
Royal High School, Edinburgh; Royal Academy of Halle, Germany; Montgrennan House, Irvine, Scotland
Merchant and landowner

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Commercial (1)

Managing Director
Morehead's Ltd
Australian merchant: agricultural  

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Australian Museum...... 
Australian Museum...... 

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Journal ArticlesAuthor?
... 1879 
notes →
Article was a fictional account of his experiences in Australia and was later published as a novel, Bush Life in Queensland or John West's Colonial Experiences...
Bush Life in Queensland, or John West's Colonial... 1881 
notes →
Fictional account based on his experiences in Australia. Two subsequent editions...

Imperial (1)

Australia: Queensland 
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Captain in the Queensland Scottish Volunteers until 1890; trustee of Brisbane Public Library from 1896; member of the Johnsonian Club, Vice-president of the Queensland Stock Breeders and Graziers'...

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Inverness, Inverness-shire, Highlands & Islands, Scotland
California, USA - United States of America