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Malcolm Cowan of Edinburgh corresponded with the Commissioners of Compensation positioning himself as a claimant, but appears to have been overtaken by the claim on Cedar Valley by Capt. Thomas Cowan (q.v.) and the latter's admission of the counterclaim of the London mortgagees Bond & Pearse.


See T71/1602 9/12/1833 for Malcolm Cowan 's question as to whether a mortgagee gets all compensation or whether the interest of all parties are pro-rated; letter 22/9/1835 from Malcolm Cowan 131 Princes St Edinburgh [Scotland] re valuation of slaves at £10240: 'am I to receive the same amount of compensation [as neighbouring properties]?'. T71/1592 Commissioners of Compensation to Malcolm Cowan, 08/06/1835, sending copy of claim and return of Capt Thomas Cowan of Cedar Valley.

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Edinburgh, Midlothian (Edinburgh), Central Scotland, Scotland