Dr Laurence Hunter

1734 - 1820

Claimant or beneficiary


The heirs of Dr Laurence Hunter lodged an unsuccessful counterclaim for the compensation for enslaved people on Lunna estate, Jamaica.

  1. "Hunter, Laurence, born 1734, son of Robert Hunter of Lunna, a physician who settled at Pinos, Jamaica, died 1820. Apprenticed to William Edmonston, a surgeon apothecary in Leith on 6 September 1753. Husband of (1) Elizabeth, daughter of Archibald Jackson, parents of Thomas and Ursula, (2) Mary, daughter of William Payne, parents of Laurence and Mary."


T71/856 St Mary claim no. 101 (Lunna). Original claim by T.L. Yates as owner-in-fee. Counterclaims from family members of Dr Laurence Hunter.

  1. David Dobson, Scottish Highlanders on the Eve of the Great Migration, 1725-1775: The Northern Isles (Clearfield Company, Baltimore, Maryland, 2008) p. 41.

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Associated Claims (1)

£1,800 15s 1d
Beneficiary unsuccessful

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