James Watson

1768 - 1806


Cousin of James Watson Roberts (q.v.), to whom he left a monetary legacy. Jane Roberts of Oakham, Rutland, widow and Sir Augustus Brydges Henniker of Thornham, Suffolk, acting executors of James Watson Roberts, counterclaimed for compensation for Watson's estate in Antigua for a legacy to James Watson Roberts by the will of James Watson, £2700.

  1. According to Vere Langford Oliver, James Watson was the son of James Watson (1740-c. 1799) and his housekeeper Winifred Ann Olton: two other sons of James Watson (1740-c. 1799) are reported by Oliver to have been described in his will as natural children, Thomas and Francis: it is ambiguous from Oliver whether Francis was also the son of Winifred Ann Olton, although Thomas is shown as her son. James Watson died as sea 12/08/1806 aged 38.


T71/877 Antigua claim no. 261 (Watson's).

  1. Vere Langford Oliver, History of Antigua Vol. 3 'Pedigree of Watson', p. 208.

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The men were also cousins. James Watson (1740-c. 1799), the father of James Watson of this entry, was the uncle of James Watson Roberts: his sister was Elizabeth Harris, James Watson Roberts'...