Daniel Broadhead

???? - 1818


Resident, dying in 1818, whose curators pursued a claim on Hoff van Holland in British Guiana by virtue of 1st and 2nd mortgages.

  1. Printed Appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council from BRITISH GUIANA [Caribbean]. Appellants: Adam Vyfhuis and Johannes Cornelius Schade as attorneys of P and D A Portielje, directors of a loan in Amsterdam and holders of two certain mortgages, passed the one on 8 November 1820 and the other on 8th May 1821, claimants on the net proceeds of the plantation Hoff Van Holland cum annexis. Respondents: Mark Dyett and Edward Charles Ross, curators to the insolvent estate of the late Daniel Broadhead deceased, claimants on the net proceeds of the said plantation Hoff Van Holland cum annexis. Documents: Appellant’s case. Respondent’s case. Joint Appendix. Pages 571-652 [total 82 pages]


London Gazette 20786 29/10/1847 p. 3849.

  1. PCAP 6/29/3

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£3,971 4s 3d
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