Joseph Hume

1777 - 1855


Radical MP for a series of seats ending with Montrose Burghs (16/04/1842-20/02/1855) and pro-compensation lobbyist. London associate of William Hardin Burnley (q.v.), appearing as 'Mr Hamer' in correspondence of Burnley with the Commissioners, but almost certainly Joseph Hume (q.v.), Burnley's brother-in-law, known to have lived in Bryanston Square. His son William Burnley Hume was a member of HM Council in Trinidad in the 1850s.


T71/1611: letter from Wm Hardin Burnley, Glasgow, 24th August 1836 re this claim, and claim nos. 1365, 1648 1663 and 1995 asking for a reply to go to 'Mr Hamer' [sp?] 6 Bryanston Square, London: Wm Hardin Burnley to be in London 10th Sept.; History of Parliament online: entry by David R. Fisher, accessed 12 December 2018; Edinburgh Gazette, 6313, 2 September 1853, p. 687.

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£2,088 5s 0d
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Reform Club
Reform Club...... 
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Hume was a prime mover in the establishment of the Reform Club in...

Political (1)

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Weymouth and Melcombe Regis Dorset
election →
Aberdeen Burghs Aberdeenshire / Forfar / Kincardine
1818 - 1830
election →
Middlesex Middlesex
1830 - 1837
election →
Kilkenny Kilkenny
1837 - 1841
election →
Montrose Burghs Forfarshire
1842 - 1855

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6 Bryanston Square, London, Middlesex, London, England