Zachariah Bourryau

???? - 1752


London merchant and slave-owner, purchaser of Blyborough estate in Lincolnshire and grandfather of Peter John Luard (q.v.), and father of John Bourryau of Grenada (q.v.). The Zachariah Bourryau who served as sheriff of Lincolnshire in 1763 has not yet been identified.

  1. Will of Zachariah Bourryau merchant of London proved 24/03/1752. In the will he left £4000 each to what appear to be seven unmarried daughters in total, £800 p.a. to his wife, the interest on £2000 to his married daughter Sophia Turner and the rest of his estate in England and St Kitts to his son John.

  2. With Francis Wilks, Zachariah Bourryau arranged in 1739-40 £1000 insurance cover in London at £13 per £100 for a slaving voyage by the Martha and Jane under its captain Francis Pope from Rhode Island to Africa and back for its owner Abraham Redwood (q.v.).


  1. PROB 11/793/331; London Gazette 10284 01/02/1763 p.1.

  2. Elizabeth Donnan, Documents Illustrative of the Slave Trade Vol. III p. 134.

Further Information

John, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, Hannah, Amelia, Susannah, Sarah; Sophia

PROB 11/793/331 - precis.

Zachariah Bourryau of London, merchant.

To my daughters Mary Elizabeth Jane Hannah Amelia Susannah and Sarah £4000 each at age 18 or on marriage, the interest in the meantime to be paid towards their maintenance and education.

To my wife Sophia £800 per annum for life. Also to my wife Sophia £2000 in trust placed at interest on Government or other securities and pay the interest to my daughter Sophia wife of Robert Turner for her sole and separate use. If my daughter shall survive her husband then to pay the £2000 to her within 3 months of his death. If my daughter dies before her husband then to pay the £2000 to each of her children divided equally. If my daughter dies without issue then to pay the £2000 to my residuary estate.

All the rest and residue in England or St Christopher or elsewhere to my son John Bourryou, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns to his and their own use forever.

My wife Sophia and my father-in-law John Spooner Esquire and George Udney of London merchant to be executors.

Signed 18/03/1752. Proved in London 24/03/1752 by Sophia Bourryou, widow and executor.


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Addresses (2)

Blyborough Hall, Blyborough, Kirton Lindsey, Lincolnshire, East Midlands, England
Gracechurch Street, London, Middlesex, London, England