George Eyre

1777 - 18th Jan 1837

Claimant or beneficiary


Trustee of the marriage settlement of John Ivatt Briscoe and Anna Maria Mawbey (both q.v.). Of Warrens, near Bramshaw, Wiltshire. Son of Charles Eyre and Hannah nee Briscoe, daughter of John Briscoe of Goudhurst, born 1772. Referred to the father of John Ivatt Briscoe, John Briscoe, in 1809, as "uncle Briscoe", while the will of John Briscoe proved in 1809 described him as his 'nephew' in appointing him as co-executor. Died 18/01/1837 "at the house of I. [sic] Ivatt Briscoe, Esq., Edwards-street, Portman-square, after a short illness, George Eyre, Esq., of Warrens, Wilts."


T71/895 Barbados claim no. 631C; 'The descent of Epsom Manor, from John Ivatt Briscoe, through Henry Blackburn, to the Savage family and beyond', Epsom and Ewell History Explorer, [accessed 23/10/2018]; London Evening Standard 19/01/1837.

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Anna Maria
George Edward, Robert Thornton, Francis John, Frances Eliza, Mary Hulse, Charlotte Maria

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£901 14s 1d
Unsuccessful claimant (Trustee)

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Warrens, Bramshaw, Hampshire, Wessex, England