Judith Gutteres

???? - 1817


Resident slave-owner, the wife of Jacob Guterres, dying 27/01/1817 aged 57. A Jacob Guterres had died at Kingston in December 1796 aged 38. In her will she identified her son Moses as of England. She also set a minimum price of £36,000 at which her Palm Estate and Wallens Pen should be sold.


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Further Information

Married but no further details
Moses Gutteres

PROB 11/1593/90 - precis.

Judith Gutteres of the parish of St Catherine, Middlesex, island of Jamaica.

Payment of all just debts and funeral expenses, legacies and annuities hereafter given I subject and charge to all my estate real and personal.

I ratify and confirm in every respect the settlement made on the marriage of my son Moses Gutteres of England Esquire with Rebecca Lousada spinster.

To the synagogue of the Portuguese Jews in St Jago de la Vega, Jamaica, £100 Jamaica currency.

To the elders of the synagogue of Princess Street Islington, £100 Jamaica currency.

To all and every child of my brother David Pereira Mendes of the city and parish of Kingston who shall be living at the time of my decease £1500 Jamaica currency equally share and share alike to be paid over to my brother for their use to be laid out to the best advantage.

To Susannah Richards Gutteres the reputed daughter of my said son Moses Gutteres an annuity of £70 sterling until she reaches the age of 12 years and from then on £100 sterling per annum in lieu of the £70 until she reaches the age of 21 years.

To Sophia Richards Gutteres £70 sterling per annum to age 12, then £100 sterling per annum to age 21.

I subject all my estate whatsoever and wheresoever with the payment of these annuities.

My Negro Woman Slave named Bibby Anna otherwise Mary Ann Bennett and my mulatto slave Mary Anne Parker and her son George Parker to be manumitted, the bonds to be paid for by my estate. To the said Bibby Anna otherwise Mary Ann Bennett after she is manumitted an annuity of £15 Jamaica currency for life and the same to Mary Ann Parker, £5 per annum to George Parker.

All the rest, residue and remainder of my estate in this island or in Great Britain to David Pereira Mendes, Francis Graham, John Clinton McAnuff and John Gardner Millward of the parish of St Catherine Esquires, Rose Fuller and Augustus Fuller of the City of London merchants my executors. To hold the same unto and to the use of the said executors according to the nature and quality for the trusts hereinafter expressed.

[Mention of ownership of Palm estate in St Thomas in the Vale and Willin's Pen in St Catherine. Estate to be sold when advantageous and the money to be invested in stock and public funds of Great Britain and all profits and rents to be paid to my son Moses Gutteres and his assigns for the term of his natural life and from then on for the maintenance and education of all and every child or children of my said son and any surplus to be invested in trust for every child or children in equal shares. In default to the children of David Pereira Mendes equally.]

My trustees and my son Moses Gutteres to be executors.

Signed 07/10/1816. Witnesses Wm Jno Harrison, Jno Penny, G.W.H. Stanbury.

Codicil 07/10/1816.

My executors to manumit at the expense of my estate my negro slaves named Isabella Ann Bennett, Jane Thomas Bennett and Mary Ann Bennett the children of my negro woman slave named Bibby Anna otherwise Mary Ann Bennett. Same witnesses.

Codicil 07/10/1816.

My executors to manumit my quadroon slave named Ellen otherwise Eleanor Sharoe and her child named Matilda Sharoe Rivers and my estate to pay the cost.

Rose Fuller, Augustus Fuller and David Pereira Mendes and John Clinton McAnuff to be guardians of Susanna Richards Gutteres and Sophia Richards Gutteres during their minorities. Same witnesses.

Codicil 18/01/1817.

To Grace Bravo of Devonshire Square, City of London, the daughter of my friend Issac Aguilar of the City of London, merchant, £200 sterling.

My executors to pay the several legacies in my will immediately or as soon as convenient after my death without interest, it not being my intention that the same shall bear or carry interest.

My plantations, lands, slaves, stock and premises shall not be sold or disposed of for a less sum than the sums set opposite to each of them respectively that is to say Palm Estate with the slaves, cattle and stock and Wallens Pen with the slaves and stock £36,000. For the dwelling house in which I now reside with the appurtenances £2400. For a small house opposite the house of the late Samuel Howell £700. For the two stores in King Street, Kingston at present occupied by my brother and which are to be sold together £2800. For the house in Spanish Town occupied as an office by Messrs Millward and Harrison £900.

Witnesses G.W.H. Stanbury, Jno Penny, A.M. Henriques.

Proved in London 06/06/1817 by the oaths of Rose Fuller Esquire, Augustus Elliott Fuller Esquire (in the will written Augustus Fuller) and Moses Gutteres Esquire the son, three of the executors.

Planter and pen owner

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1799 [EA] - 1816 [LA] → Owner
1817 [EA] - 1839 [LA] → Previous owner
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1809 [SY] - 1809 [EY] → Owner

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1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Previous owner
- 27/01/1817 [ED] → Owner
1798 [EA] - 1803 [LA] → Not known

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The relationship has not yet been traced. Jacob Mendez Gutieres left legacies to his daughter Judy, the wife of Jacob Gutterez, in his will proved in...
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Judith Guterres was the sister of David Pereira Mendes, presumably senior, and by inference the aunt of David Pereira Mendes junior. ...